Construction of panel wood houses, manufacture of wood houses

Construction of wood houses – build your happiness with the WOODVIL company

Everyone needs something personal to be happy, but the house is an opportunity to create the area around you as you want for your personal comfort. It helps for human to find itself and stay in harmony with himself and environment.

One of the areas our WOODVIL company performs its activities, is manufacture and construction of wood houses, suburban structures, summerhouses, hotels, cottages, etc. Besides, we also sale glued timber, floor board, garden and other products.

As we know, wood is one of the most environment-friendly materials. One who really cares about his health and wants to present for its family the most quality and reliable habitation, will select the house made of construction material created by the nature.

State-of-the-art construction technology

Wood houses are manufactured from the best materials only – wood of coniferous trees of the highest quality: pine, spruce, larch. In houses of such type you feel itself closer to the nature, and environment-friendly construction technology allows you to feel itself in harmony with environment and avoid troubles with your family. Our company performs manufacture of wood houses, using modern MHM technology. It has been developed by talent specialists from Germany and allows construct both small houses and multi-storied cottages of all classes.

Modern construction technologies applied by «Woodvil» company, allow construct both individual cottages of all classes and low-rise multi-storied buildings (up to 3 floors) as well as social and amenity infrastructure facilities.

We perform construction of wood houses at very low prices, the same time with perfect quality and innovative techniques of environment-friendly wood processing. It is our principal competitor’s advantage along with responsible team of professional builders, designers and working personnel.

Wide area of activities

We offer finished wood houses in Moscow, Voronezh, Kaluga and Tula regions. On the territory of cottage settlements in these Regions, you may find our demonstration houses. At the same time, construction of wood structures is performed in any Region of Russia. You may observe over development of new projects and construction of new houses in special sections on our website.

Quality guarantees and easy cooperation with us

Panel houses are manufactured from high grade materials, produced at the manufacture. Tenders are carried out permanently for delivery of resources. We select the best lumber suppliers only and guarantee perfect quality of all implemented projects.

All patents, certificates and other documentation, confirming professionalism of the company and quality of the products, may be found in the «Documents» section on our website.

Manufacturing complex which is located at the WOODVIL enterprise is equipped with machinery made in European countries only. Manual works are minimized, so we work as good Swiss watch: coordinated, reliable, without interruptions.

Please, visit our website and make your first order. You will not be disappointed in starting cooperation with WOODVIL company!

The best is your choice!

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WOODVIL company!

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Демонстрационные дома
Компания "Вудвилль" предлагает познакомиться с примерами применения технологии MHM в индивидуальном домостроении.

Демонстрационные дома "Вудвилль"

Посетите наши демонстрационные дома и получите подробную консультацию у менеджеров.