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“Woodvil” Construction and manufacturing company has innovative technologies of wood processing, modern equipment and true professional team

Turn-key wood houses in any region as per МНМ innovative technology – the best houses in Russia

Everybody knows that poor environment is the reason of deterioration of human’s health for many years, decreasing materially the life quality. Due to this fact people more often start to think on necessity to use natural environment-friendly resources. That’s why WOODVIL Company offers you one of its multiple products – turn-key wood houses (in any region).

Construction of houses of this type includes various modern techniques and technologies of construction, science and machinery. Use of the WOODVIL Company’s experience, qualified specialists and application of quality construction materials only allows design and construct wood houses, which are distinguished both in esthetics, and practically – they are attractive, reliable and comfortable. The Company completes all construction works strictly adhering to estimated period, as well as give warranty for the facility constructed. Turn-key wood houses are constructed in any region at low and average market prices, and high quality will be pleasant for customers.

Construction of so called suburban buildings is one of the services provided by “Woodvil” company, which is very popular. Many people desire to have comfortable area, where they could have a rest out of the city. So, large wood house will be the best solution: wood smell, feeling the nature and, one which is important, attractive appearance.

WOODVIL Company also builds wood houses and cottages, in which you can live in any year season. Application of unique technology and manufacturing potential make the company a leader of wood house construction industry in the Central Black Earth Region. As evidence to this fact, the Woodvil company was awarded with “NAMIKS” prize for the best manufacture for low-rise wood residential construction.

The Company builds both large wood houses, cottages, and social amenity infrastructure facilities. Furthermore, our company performs special construction works, for more information, please visit relevant sections of our website.

MHM construction technology developed in Germany

Construction companies often use proved, but old wood house construction technologies. We are to offer you Massiv-Holz-Mauer technology developed in Germany, which country is known for its adherence to quality. Wood houses build as per this technology are cheap, but very environment-friendly, comfortable and reliable. Meanwhile, wood does not need for any chemical treatment, which is one of safety criteria.

Please, visit our website and order houses at fair prices, specified in catalogue. Also you may present drafts of your future habitation, which will be the base for planned house. Please, feel free to contact our phone numbers given on the website with any questions. Our specialists will be pleased to answer.

Facts on “Woodvil” Company:

  • Our enterprise is located in Voronezh region and it is a unique production complex in the Central Black Earth Region producing houses according to technology МНМ developed in Germany.
  • 300 people work in our Company. They are professionals of all production stages – from drying of wood to output of end products..
  • We are processing to 5000 m3 of saw timber for one month, which let us to produce more than 4000 square meters of high quality residential areas.
  • In addition to modern production and wood processing complex, roof timber shop and drying cameras manufactured in Austria, total capacity of which gains 625 m3, there is a unique heating tower in our enterprise, working with production wastes only. Because we pay attention both to our clients and environment.
  • We are always ready to take care of each our customer and put our heart into any project. Because our customers serve only the best!

We control accurately all stages of production of house – from wood harvesting to the house delivery and its assembly on the customer’s site.

Turn-key wood houses in any region!!!

МНМ technology houses operation warranty is 30 years!!!

Service life time is 150 years!!!


Delivery cost of the house building set by means of own panel transportation vehicle is just 59 ruble per 1 km!!!

Демонстрационные дома
Компания "Вудвилль" предлагает познакомиться с примерами применения технологии MHM в индивидуальном домостроении.

Демонстрационные дома "Вудвилль"

Посетите наши демонстрационные дома и получите подробную консультацию у менеджеров.