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Prices of new generation wood houses – pleasing information for you!

As you know, demand for construction of wood buildings grows very fast. It may be explained by the fact, that, making a choice (taking a decision) of habitation for its family, each person, at first, prefers more environment-safe construction materials.

Wood houses – the best choice

Wood houses have a range of advantages. Firstly, it is creation of nice fresh climate indoor, and, secondly, great heat insulating properties of lumber.

“Woodvil” is the top manufacturing and production enterprise in the Central Black Earth Region and Voronezh Region, which performs design, construction and implementation of wood residential houses as per МНМ technology and other structures made of wood.

Advantages of our company

Wood houses with prices which will be surprising for you, are constructed by our company as per known German technology МНМ, which includes environment safety and reliability. Due to that, now there is no need for any chemicals to process lumber. Moreover, prices are very low. Besides application of the sate-of-art technology, the cost of our houses is lower than average market ones. Because the company’s priorities are as follows – high quality and affordability. The evidence – “NAMIKS” award for “The best manufacture for low-rise wood residential construction".

Russia, particularly, Voronezh Region, has many enterprises, declaring construction of wood houses as its activities. However, our company has the range of indisputable advantages:

- own manufacture;

- construction and sale departments;

- availability of engineering and design bureau.

It allows to participate in all construction stages), including design and delivery of the facility. At the design and construction we always agree with the customer all features of new building, including the house foundation, roofing, door, window types, etc. There are finished projects presented on our website, in detail, which could be taken as the base for your future habitation. And, of course, if you want to build your own special and unique house, our specialists will always help to improve your personal draft, design and construct your Dream House.

We are working for you

Please, visit our website to get information on costs of wood houses and special types of work. Furthermore, if you need to know something more exactly, feel free to call given phone numbers. Our specialists are pleased to answer all your questions.

Hurry up to order your future house in our company!

For further information please consult with our specialists:

Representative office in Moscow:

+7 (499)271-58-01

Shcherbina Vera

Sales manager

+7(960) 117-91-31

Offices and production complex in Voronezh Region:

Демонстрационные дома
Компания "Вудвилль" предлагает познакомиться с примерами применения технологии MHM в индивидуальном домостроении.

Демонстрационные дома "Вудвилль"

Посетите наши демонстрационные дома и получите подробную консультацию у менеджеров.