Construction glued laminated lumber

Today there are linear articles of all possible profiles, dimensions and decors on the market, made of both timber materials and different “surrogate” components looking like wood and covered with film, that are significantly cheaper.

Regardless abovementioned arguments, products made of natural wood, internal finishing made of natural wood are traditional for Russia. Wood fragrance and environmental safety of materials will attract those who tend to natural beauty of natural materials. We always try to keep in each unit of our products (whether it will be facing board or the whole house) such heat and comfort which the only natural wood has.

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Glued laminated lumber, as it is one of the most modern materials for construction of wood houses, represents itself the construction made of lamels separately glued with each other, due to that it could be produced construction details virtually of any shape desired. Taking into consideration all possible needs of the customer, our company produces few types of glued laminated lumber:

Glued laminated lumber (calibrated on 2 sides).

Gluing is immovable junction letting to obtain bearing part of high hardness and stable shape, due to it this material have become popular at the assembling of closed bearing constructions (closed covering beams, roof frames).

Construction glued laminated lumber.

Due to right-angled geometry exactly observed through the whole length, the construction glued laminated lumber could be used at the erection of summerhouses, sheds, also as house facade decoration.


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