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Wood covering

One of the most important elements in each house is interstage covering. Coverings divide the building on stages and they shall have load-holding of many people and items (furniture, equipment, etc.). Also coverings provide better standing of all construction; they resist wind loading on walls, at that, protecting rooms of the house against cool, fire and noise.

Interstage coverings shall have such necessary characteristics as follows: firmness, noise insulation, hardness, fire resistance and heating insulation. Because it have a certain supporting capacity, the covering shall be firm and protect against foreign noise, be stable and inflexible while moving furniture and people walking, to protect the house against fire and have perfect heating insulation characteristics.

Wood covering beams

Wood beams are made of boards glued together by special moisture-proof glues; they support bearing walls of the house.

Coverings made of wood beams are firm and, which is significant, comparatively cheap. They have perfect heating insulation characteristics. Coverings made of wood beams are available and easy to install. Their working life is 50 years, upon expiration of that time the covering shall be repaired completely. Wrong installation of covering made of wood beams may result in its subsequent deformation and loss of firmness.

There are few types of coverings classified by wood beams regarding to their designation and location.

Interstage coverings made of wood beams simultaneously represent itself two items: floor beams and ceiling supports.

Section of wood beams is established regarding to the distance between them and the value of covering wood beam deflection according to GOST (state standard). They could have different length from 1 meter to 7,2 meters, width could differ from 90 to 300 mm and height from 90 to 300 mm.

We will produce any dimensions desired by individual demand, including shaped (calibrated on 4 sides)


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