Fuel briquettes

Fuel briquettes are a new high-technology, economically profitable and environmentally safe type of fuel. Timber briquettes could be used for all types of fire chambers, furnaces for wood, burn perfectly in fireplaces, stoves, grill, etc. Converting into large calories, fuel briquettes cost cheaper in comparison with firewood and lose (for a while!) before gas only in our country, but the gas is not available everywhere!
Briquettes are an ideal alternative of black coal, including for industrial and municipal boiler rooms.
Fuel briquettes have a range of advantages:

  1. Burn with tranquil flame, keeping stable high temperature. Burn during 1-1,5 hours and smoulder for 3-4 hours.
  2. Fuel briquettes suit for any standard heating boilers, stoves, fireplaces, fire chambers of all types. After burning the mass of cinder does not exceed 0,1%.
  3. Absolutely safe for health, because do not contain harmful contaminants and do not discharge any materials, hazardous for people and environment.
  4. 1 ton of fuel briquettes substitute 4-5 cubic meters of birch firewood, heat of combustion is 4800 large calories/kg

Briquettes have cylindrical shape, distinguished by high mass similarity and have even surface. Density of mass pressed with actual moisture is 1.3 kg/m3. Briquette is characterized by low content of moisture, cinder, sulfur and high heat combustion. All quality statements of briquette meet requirements of Technical Specifications.

Certificate of Fuel briquettes testings

Value of fuel briquettes: 

- fuel briquettes NESTRO pack 10 kg - 13,2 rub/kg


  • diameter, mm - 60
  • length, sm-23


- fuel briquettes NESTRO pack big bag 500 kg - 5,4 rub/kg


- fuel briquettes NESTRO packing of the mixed type, 10 kg - 6,6 rub/kg


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