Roof frame constructions

Roof frame is the basic supporting part of the roof construction. It is designated not only to carry roofing weight, but also resist snow and wind pressure. For this reason roof frame system is estimated on the basis of roofing material type and wind and snow loading dependant on territory.

All materials produced in the plant shops, on specialized machine with the name "Hundegger К2i". This machine enables to produce roof frames with different complexity.


Big superstructures are to be produced as assembling blocks delivered to the project site separately and after that to be inserted into the common construction and installed correspondent to the project location.

There are general requirements to the quality of timber in our company. Operable moisture of blanks shall be 18%. Production of the roof frame constructions is carried out on modern computer based equipment, providing high exactness of production of necessary parts. Assembly of frame elements is carried out on professional presses using glues of D4 class.

Basic advantages of ready roof frames are following:    

- Exactness and quality of construction completed.                 

Because of all parts of roof frames are to be produced under plant conditions and only on the modern equipment, it permits to obtain exactness of 1 mm for 6 linear meters while designing and producing of constructions!!!

- High speed of assembly.

Due to delivery of completed wood roof frames to the project site, assembling process is reduced by few times.

Roof frames with the superstructure to 6 meters are to be installed without special hoist facilities, and after installation the space beneath roofing could be used for heat insulation material laying, internal finishing and for installation of internal barriers.

- Cleanness and ecological compatibility of the assembling process.

While producing of frames in the plant, all sawdust, shavings and cuttings generally are retained by the plant.


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