Technology Massiv-Holz-Mauer

Massiv-Holz-Mauer Wood Construction Technology

Massiv-Holz-Mauer technology still remains to be know-how of wood house construction on the Russian market, whereas the houses made of MHM massive wood panels have already obtained recognition and become very popular in European countries.

Massiv-Holz-Mauer technology origination place is Germany, where people pay specific attention to quality of their life.

Our company WOODVIL, which performs wood houses construction, is the leader in application of such technology in the Central Black Earth Region and offers to you an innovative system of wood structures construction which is called Massiv-Holz-Mauer. This technology, presented by German engineers, is deemed to be the most environment-friendly in comparison with all existing ones, because application of this technology excludes the use of all sorts of aggressive chemicals in processing of wood the elements of our houses are manufactured from.

What concerns popularity of MHM technology in Europe, it may be comparable with stone walls. Also, this technology ensures superb quality and service life for many years. Another one advantage is that dried up timbers are assembled significantly faster than bricks or similar materials, preventing collection of high volume of moisture in wall panels. Due to MHM technology, walls have a high heat capacity, making the habitation more comfortable, and improving the way one human feels staying in such house. In addition, such house construction technology significantly reduces the period of construction (in comparison with other technology – several times). Meanwhile, the scope of human and material resources necessary for construction is lower 10-15 times.

Wood wall panels, manufactured in our factory, with openings for windows, doors and other infrastructure, as well as pediments, facades, ceilings, roofing elements are supplied to the construction site and assembled. It is required only one working day to erect the house with area of 50-70 m²!

Wood houses which have been built as per Massiv-Holz-Mauer technology are distinguished not only for reliability and comfort, but also for high environment safety. Because you know, wood panels do not need for chemical treatment that means absolute harmlessness for your family.

Advantages of MASSIV-HOLZ-MAUER technology

Технология Massiv-Holz-Mauer

No shrinkage. Due to use of timber with artificial moisture of 9-10 % and longitudinal and transversal location of panel layers, the houses built as per МНМ technology has no shrinkage.

At moisture of 9-10 % wall panels do not need for an additional wood preservation, because all the material passes through special treatment prior to formation of panel. However, we apply an additional protection while house assembly using windproof steam-tight membrane.

Fire safety. Structure elements pass mandatory and voluntary fire safety certification. Wall panels are attributed to the К1 (45) class of fire hazard, i.e. they have low fire hazard. The secret is the technology itself – boards used in manufacture of wall panels are mandatorily treated with special environment-friendly fire and bio protective formula, and formation of wall panels by fastening of specially prepared boards with grooved surface which makes air ducts preventing fire propagation from layer to layer.

Structures are not affected by insects and decomposition. Boards used in manufacture of panels are dried in compulsory drying chambers to the moisture of 9-10 %, after that they are treated with special, environment-friendly fire and bio protective formula, so wood structures manufactured as per МНМ technology are not affected by insects and molds.

Heat insulation features. Thermal specifications are confirmed by “MHM wall panel thermal properties test protocol”, signed by the “POLITEST” testing centre. Heat transfer resistance of the МНМ wall of 205 mm is 3,5 (м2Хс)/W, which exceeds norms for the most Regions of Russia more than 30 %.

Static properties (load). МНМ wall panels have passed successfully tests of static properties in the laboratory for construction materials research in the city of Leipzig (Germany), as well as in Building Structures Research Institute named after Kucherenko (the city of Moscow).

Noise insulation. MHM walls have passed successfully tests of noise insulation measurement in construction materials testing laboratory in the city of Leipzig (Germany).

Safety. Along with advantages mentioned above, such as heat capacity, moisture balance and warm surface, walls manufactured as per MASSIV-HOLZ-MAUER technology reflect approximately 97.5 % of ever-present high-frequency radiation and electric smog. Protective area appears inside the home, ensuring safety for habitants.

Internal and external finishing. Technology applied in construction of our houses allows to use any forms of internal and external finishing. Internal finishing – gypsum plasterboards, painting, wallpapers, etc.  External finishing – bricks, stones, tile, plaster, siding, thermo panel, etc.

Fast assemblyPeriod of assembly of a house with the area range from 100 to 200 m² is 4-7 working days.

Environment safety. Only natural and environment safe quality materials are used in manufacture

House operation warranty period is unique for the Russian Federation – 30 years!!!


Application capabilities

MASSIV-HOLZ-MAUER walls may be applied in following cases:

- as enclosure,

- as internal walls

- as boundary walls

- as separation walls

In individual construction:

- in construction of individual cottages and multifamily houses

- in construction of sectional houses

- in construction of multistory houses

- in residential construction

In municipal construction:

- for kindergartens

- for schools

- for governmental buildings

- for buildings aimed to disposal of something

In construction of production facilities, as follows:

-  plants

- shops

- administration buildings

- storehouses

That is to say, whatever you want to apply them for …

Preservation and bio protection of buildings

After drying up of raw materials to the moisture of 8-10 % there is phytogenic medium created, which is resistant to appearance of molds, fungus and other affecting elements. It is confirmed by results of tests. Wood preservation is performed during assembly of the house, by means of steam-tight membrane film which is applied to facade and all other elements of wood structure of the building, in parts lower than grade level of wearing floor, according to GOST No. 20022-80 "Wood preservation" and Supplement 2 "Wood structures. Preservation and fire protection" to the digest No. 10 "Wood structures".

Stages of manufacture of panels


Design and all manufacture stages are controlled by means of CADwork software, which is the top of 3D-CAD/CAM programs for construction with use of wood structures.

Fine lines model of house
Three-dimensional model of house


All raw materials supplied to the plant pass through the drying up stage. Boards are placed into 4 special chambers and maintained until their moisture reduces to 8-10%.

Drying chamber


After drying up, boards are delivered directly to manufacture, where they are selected automatically according to sorts.


Boards are shaped on NC-operated multifunctional four-way machine per one pass: longitudinal grooves on the one side are to improve heat insulation, two quarters (two edged grooves) and the second surface is shaped to ensure the thickness of work piece of 24 mm.

Four-ways processing of boards

Source board for manufacture of wall panels

Wall panel manufacture plants (Wandmaster) and gantry processing unit (РВА).


«Wandmaster» computer controlled plant for wall panels, manufactures big wall elements from profiled boards, which are laid crosswise into layers (longitudinally and transversally) and fastened by aluminum grooved pins, layer by layer over diagonals each 15 centimeters. The output is massive panels, maximum dimension of which is 3,25 m х 6,0 m, and panel thickness ranges from 115 mm to 345 mm.

             Aluminum nails          Machine general view      Wall panel workpiece manufacture


Ready wall elements are moved to loading area of gantry processing unit by means of conveyor. There, panel surface is grinded and processed to dimensions specified at the design stage. After that, the workpiece turns to ready element of the wall of planned house. The panel is processed over edges, and openings are cut in it for windows and doors, grooves for water pipelines and wiring. Prior to delivery to the construction site, all edge elements are covered with film to protect them against moisture during transportation and assembly.

                  1                                        2                                  3                                        4

Machine general view  -1         

Shaping of the panel surface  - 2

Panel cutting to necessary dimensions -3      

Making openings for windows and doors -4 

Wall ready for assembly


At the same time with wall manufacture, another specialized machine "К2" prepares frame and stairways parts. This machine allows manufacture the frame of various complexity level

   Product design displayed at              Manufacture of the part
   the screen of computer                   on automated  machine К2


Massive glued wood ceiling  panels are used as ceilings and coverings.

Hydraulic press to glue coverings and structural beams

In the course of processing, special grooves and tips are cut over longitudinal lateral surfaces, which allow strength and tight fastening of panels between each other while assembly similar to floor boards. Top surface of panels is shaped by the machine, and represents itself absolutely even surface while assembly.

Finished ceiling panel



Wall panels and house elements are protected by special moisture-proof material for the period of transportation


Facade boarding with ventilated gap
Hydro and wind proof membrane
Heat insulation material
Wall panel with thickness of 205 mm
Fine internal finishing (e.g., gypsum plasterboard)
Channels cut at the plant for utility infrastructure
Facade plaster
Heat insulation material
Wall panel with thickness of 355 mm
Fine internal finishing (e.g., gypsum plasterboard) 
Channels cut at the plant for utility infrastructure

11. House assembly at the construction site.

Assembly quality and speed

If you apply МНМ natural wood massive as a construction material, construction of wood houses as per such technology ensures maximum firmness of walls and minimum moisture level. In addition, it prevents generation of molds on the walls. In comparison with glued timber, the МНМ massive is much effective and has better properties. Moreover, MHM walls formation technology stipulates no defects while layering. Main advantage of MHM-technology houses, in comparison with houses made of rounded timber, is no shrinkage and readiness for living immediately!

Our company is the best in wood houses construction

Therefore, dealing with us in implementation of your wood house project, you will be provided with guaranteed German quality, the best materials and operative work of high qualified specialists. In addition, you will be advised in full on all issues you may have.

Also, you have an option to present your own construction project, which will be considered and assessed by our specialists. Prices and periods of project development according to individual design are given in relevant section on website. Please, feel free to get this information to call our phone numbers given on website pages.

Build the best house with WOODVIL Company!

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