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Assembly wood houses, wood houses projects for free

We are to present the range of houses projects, manufactured as per MHM technology. Each project has its serial number, by means of which you can be guided in the offer. 

For example, No. 01701120-121,80 includes three groups of digits: 017 – it is the project number (the first three digits),01 – it is the project version (4th and 5th digits), 120 – it is reference designation of metric area of the house as per the project (from 6 to 9 digits). The last number separated by the hyphen, means certain metric area as per this project. In this example the metric area is 121.8 square meters

WOODVIL company’s wood house projects suited to every fancy

WOODVIL company, which is specialized in manufacture and construction of wood structures, presents to you not only finished projects of wood houses, which you may find and order on our website, but give an opportunity to design and build the house as per your own draft!

Prior to start design of the house as per your draft,   we recommend you to read the results of works as per German technology MHM in individual house construction. There are more than 50 finished projects in our catalogue, among of which you may find small houses to 100 square meters, townhouses, duplexes, saunas and other structures. It will help you to select the structure of your future house, layout of the interior, design of the exterior, etc. There are many color solutions available for wood houses, no one will be disappointed. You always may find something for you here.

All for the customer

Wood house projects for free have already been implemented as exhibition variants in many of Russian Regions and are presented on the website in the “Demonstration of Houses” section. If you want to see them personally – you may visit one of exhibition structures near cottage villages in Moscow, Kaluga, Voronezh or Tula. We continue to expand our territory, so you can observe all changes in pages of our website.

However, if our completed projects do not fit you, you have an opportunity to present your own wood houses. Design and engineering department of the company will help to reveal all imperfections in your Project and to give you correct solutions for implementation of it, after that we will be pleased to complete all works. Consultants of “Woodvil” company are available every day, so feel free to contact us at any time suitable for you!

WOODVIL means quality, reliability, continuity

We are pleased to offer various structures, which are constructed as per environment-safe MHM technology. Assembly wood houses, saunas, multistoried cottages, etc. – all of this will constructed for the shortest period at the average market price. At the same time we bear responsibility for quality and reliability of building. If ordinary wood houses are constructed for more than 2 years, our technology allows do it (on turn-key basis) for 2-3 months and reduce significantly the volume of resources required. Warranty period for the house constructed for Russia is 30 years at least, and real service life time of the house is 150 years at least.

Contact to WOODVIL Company and provide yourself and your family with high quality habitation!

Демонстрационные дома
Компания "Вудвилль" предлагает познакомиться с примерами применения технологии MHM в индивидуальном домостроении.

Демонстрационные дома "Вудвилль"

Посетите наши демонстрационные дома и получите подробную консультацию у менеджеров.